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masha qrella - boys don't cry/fishing buddies (dump version) (7inch vinyl)


ARTIST // masha qrella
LABEL // a number of small things (de)
CAT // anost046ep


After recording some killer cover versions of Bryan Ferry and Frederick Loewe, Masha now sings The Cure's second hit, "Boys Don't Cry." After more than 30 years of heavy indie-disco rotation, you might be sick of that song, but Masha's version is just too clever. First she adds a rhythmic Kelis-citation ("Trick Me"). This also brings an even greater gender twist to the lyrics, as it may be seen as a comment on Robert Smith's elaborate moaning. On the flip, the guitar work of James McNew (Yo La Tengo, Dump) adds some gentle funk to Masha's recent single "Fishing Buddies." Features silkscreened artwork.

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