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s* - unearthed from airwaves (cd)


ARTIST // s*
LABEL // io sound (ca)
CAT // io001cd


// Throughout 2007, and armed with a commission from, the estranged sound-artist saibotuk* conducted a series of haunting and unsettling experiments in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), exploring the remnants of cut-up techniques pioneered by Konstantin Raudive and Brion Gysin with William S. Burroughs. Utilising two reel-to-reel machines, blank tape, and a delay processor to dive into deteriorated time, saibotuk* unearthed the inaudible fragments of the undead in an exploration entitled "'til death do us a part". On UNEARTHED FROM AIRWAVES, saibotuk*'s uncanny experiments as the "Tactical Tape Loop Division" (TTLD) are reinterpreted by sound-artists i8u, Tomas Phillips, Richard Chartier, Jeff Carey, Coingutter, and Scant Intone. The disc closes with a live recording of the sole performance by saibotuk* in Montréal of the TTLD project at Cagibi on the 29th of June, 2008. // AIR CURRENTS ARE THE PROVIDENCE OF THE BREATH OF THE DEAD. THE SPIRITS OF THE DECEASED TRAVERSE THE RIVER STYX AS SOULS OF AIR. IN SANSKRIT PRANA, IN GREEK PSCYHE OR THE PNEUMA OF THE AURA; IN LATIN, THE ANIMUS AND SPIRITUS OF BEING. GATHERING THE SPIRITS OF THE DEAD ON ELECTROMAGNETIC TAPE AFTER THE MANNER OF K. RAUDIVE AND W.S. BURROUGHS - THIS BE DEAD MEDIA THAT UNWINDS TIME FROM ITS SPOOLS. TWO REEL-TO-REEL MACHINES CAPTURE THE LOVING CARESS OF ELECTRON-IMPRINTED TAPE. TIME OUT OF JOINT FALLS IN & OUT FO TAPE SYNC; THE RESONANT BEING OF BLANK MEDIA LOOPS THE FREQUENCY. // Edition 300, replicated CD, full colour print with design by fairypunk.