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best available technology - bangers & ash (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // best available technology
LABEL // styles upon styles (us)
CAT // bash004lp


With an array of aged, battered machines, Kevin Palmer aka Best Available Technology orchestrates live improvisations in a dub-controlled environment. Following well-received releases on Opal Tapes, Further, and Astro:dynamics, BAT hones his hobbled grooves into five visceral songs under the guidance of the Bangers & Ash concept - three lurching Ash experiments and two steely-eyed Bangers. "Bulldozer Rituals" opens the Ash side with trails of poisonous fumes barely anchored by a crumbled, heaving beat, a relic of 1993 NY hip hop that dares adventurous MCs to spit over. "Vulgar Geometry" squirms in a sickening humidity that will leave your eyes cracked and desperate for Visine. BAT's dub-pressurized ambience reaches a new high with "Venom, Pheromone, and Phosphorus", a sauna of acrid tones and sub-bass that foregoes tangible structure for induced aural psilocybin. On the flip, Best Available Technology rears a hitherto unheard ferocity and precision, churning dub-techno motifs into a whirlpool of asphalt-laden rhythm. "Contrecoup" is his most propulsive recording to date, all thermal-treated percussion and unforgiving minimalism. "Tide Tunnels" contrasts with an ecosystem of sonic trickery grounded in a persistently shifting groove. The recording lurches under a canopy of echoed chords and piercing claps, creating a dizzying environ unique to BAT's sense of space and time.