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public speaking - blanton ravine (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // public speaking
LABEL // fabrica (us)
CAT // fabrec027lp


Hitting play on an album without any hint of what may follow is still a thrilling experience. Case in point: "Blanton Ravine" begins with the metallic debris of a noisy sound collage work before slowly ascending into a songform that pulls in rhythmic edits, soulful vocals, and horn arrangements. This happens throughout the first album by Public Speaking, the project of Brooklyn artist Jason Anthony Harris, but it gets no less thrilling as the record eventually runs past the hour mark. But of all those facts, that this is Harris' debut full-length is most surprising: he crafts coherent songs out of abstract processes and R&B from the tools of noise with the assured vision of an expert. "Blanton Ravine" has some help along the way with local musicians adding clarinet, piano, violin, guitar, and saxophone, but Harris uses the contributions in a variety of ways with leaving them both bare and uncluttered ("Barge") and soaking them in effect pedals and synthesized static ("Dressage"). As a whole, "Blanton Ravine" is a thrilling melange of found sound and pop music. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia
LP version. Limited edition of 225 with paste-on art over all black jackets. Includes a free download code. "On his knees in a semicircle of electronic processors and percussive clutter, the singer quakes and moans, possessed with a passionate, paranoid vision. Public Speaking is the solo moniker of Brooklyn experimental musician Jason Anthony Harris. Utilizing found objects, radio, tape recorder, synthesizer and effect pedals, he constructs percussive, textural music for his deep, soulful vocals to croon over. Somewhere between Brian Eno and Tune-Yards, or Tortoise and James Blake, Harris' music explores pop music as organized sound. The Deli Magazine wrote: 'This is soul music functioning as 21st century meditation... [This] is what happens when an artist personally realizes the sound of his environment, and puts it to use.' His first full-length, Blanton Ravine is a lush collection of songs and sounds drawing on avant rock, IDM, ambient, noise, and R&B."