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elg - la chimie (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // elg
LABEL // sdz records (fr)
CAT // sdz016lp


*Follow up to 2012 ALBUM OF THE YEAR "Mil Pluton". North American Exclusive. Includes download coupon.* After melting minds (my own included) with last year's underrated gem "Mil Pluton," Èlg is back with, impressively, his best effort yet. There's always a level of pressure involved in trying to follow up something as well-received as "Mil Pluton," but it becomes obvious within the first minute of "La Chimie" opener, "Vue Neon Ouie," that all is well. Hypnotic synth swells mutate into broken, disjointed voices before the curtain is pulled back entirely, leaving a recording of someone bawling in a checkout line in its wake. I know, WHAT? Yet not only does it work, it's the perfect way to start a record as perplexing and wonderful as "La Chimie." Bizzaro-world vocals dominate the album, mixed and matched in unexpected ways. From the inflected crooning of "Grand Huit," wrapped around shredding guitar riffage and minimal synth patterns, to the Suicide-esque minimalism of album standout, "Notringo Indigo," Èlg is cutting a wide path. "De Salem" treads in haunted, soul-infused waters. Throughout, "La Chimie" is an experience that envelopes the listener, locking him or her into this strange place Èlg inhabits. For someone who has been around for quite a while, it's in the past few years that he's really found his voice. Biggest recommendation I can give. – Brad Rose, Experimedia
Half of duo Opéra Mort and third of trio Reines d'Angleterre, alongside the famous Ghedalia Thazartès, Èlg is a brilliant and multi-talented musician living in Brussels. His discography is a bit of a red herring: from somptuous acid folk wanderings ("Tout Ploie" on Kraak/S.S.) to schizophrenic and incredibly creative tour-de-force ("Capitaine Présent 5" on Nashazphone) to the tangential electronic experimentations of the excellent "Mil Pluton" LP released in 2012 on Alter/Hundebiss. On "La Chimie", Èlg concocts a stunning blend of tracks that appeared initially on small-run and now out-of-print releases ("Der Prediger" CD-R on Young Girl Records and "In Coro" cassette tape on NO=FI) plus an unreleased one. This creates, like for any of his previous releases, a strange euphoria sensation. It feels like falling in a remote place of cosmos, a place of his own, where synthetic buzzings, declamations in non-identified languages, sparkles of musique concrète, electronic flare-ups and proto-industrial beats mix together in a fascinating mess, something like bodies in distress floating in the great big galactic void. Yes, "La Chimie" is as hypnotic as a weird pattern on a filipino hijab. It's now your turn to taste "La Chimie" and tickle your mind's eye.