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dyd - god (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // dyd
LABEL // gang of ducks (de)
CAT // godrec010lp


The GOD EP, even if it's a sunset rooftop killer, was recorded in a mountain side studio with no heating.

Auto-tune hymns, with cascades of chords and arp synths, almost like a futuristic remembration of ItaloDisco, especially in the main track ARCHISTAR. Percussive exercises, a sci-fi atmosphere and Vaghe Stelle's melancholic touch all contribute to what Dyd's idea of 2014 pop is. The ep will be presented with a European tour that will start in november from Berghain Kantine to Casin de Paris and many more

DYD is a new musical project that includes the members of the band DID, an Italian collective that has worked with bands such as Liquid Liquid, Breton and These New Puritans amongst others.

Their debut EP "GOD" is due to be released on Gang Of Ducks on the 1st of December, written and composed by themselves and produced by the Italian electronic composer Vaghe Stelle.Their music is a fusion between hyper percussive pop and the so called "Italian New Wave" music scene, inspired by people like Vaghe Stelle, Lorenzo Senni and Dave Saved to name but a few.