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moth cock - s/t (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // moth cock
LABEL // tusco embassy (us)
CAT // te081lp


Limited to 300 copies. Screenprinted sleeves. Oh Moth Cock... is there a more awesome band name out there? I don't think so. Anyway, this new self-titled record on the ever-reliable Tusco Embassy is a serious trip. Mutant strings are mangled and looped through caustic sonic debris, filtering it's way into your skull like some kind of poisonous gas. Everything here is a creeper, moving like electrified molasses down winding corridors that never end. Considering that I've been dealing with the effects of a gnarly ear infection, this works to amplify the wooziness considerably. I almost feel sea sick (and that's a compliment). On the flipside we get to time travel. Melted horns sputter to life under a bed of electronic synapses. It's one hell of a dichotomy, like a cybernetic future that's covered in dust. Gravity eventually sets in and blackens your entire aura so there's no choice but to give up and settle in for the rest of the ride. It speeds up a bit, but even as these quasi-squelched tones try to build mountains from nothing it becomes pretty clear that this is music that exists to continually fall apart.