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magnetic soul - what you gonna do? (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // magnetic soul
LABEL // dab hand (uk)
CAT // dhnd001ep


With a new Magnetic Soul EP forthcoming on Midnight Riot here's another chance to get copies of the 1st vinyl release on his own label Dab Hand With fingers still dirty scouring through the racks for samples on his previous Dab Hand releases, Magnetic Soul has now brings together a waxed selection to take pride of place in any clued-up selector's collection with the label's first vinyl release. And it's a real piece of black gold, with the fingerprints of classic house and disco over all three tracks; 'Mood 2 Groove' a Balearic dream with breezy brass, 'What You Gonna Do?' a piece of mellow string-soaked drama as smooth as the Stephanie Mills vocal and 'Concrete Boogie' stripped-back stomping cosmic disco with a springboard bounce.