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faugust - devotions (1984 - 2006) (10inch vinyl)


ARTIST // faugust
LABEL // mira (uk)
CAT // mira009tn


Following the latest Avian release as Sigha, James Shaw now unveils his Faugust project with a 10" title on the Avian sub-label - Mira. Emotive and highly personal, Devotions (1984 - 2006) shows a side of Shaw's sound that has been largely buried since 2004, combining his experience as a guitarist with many of the sonic approaches that characterise his best known music today. Over the course of four tracks it layers pulsating bass and synth lines with melodic flourishes and a pop sensibility not seen in his other work. As per previous Mira releases, the artwork is done by Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant.