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john krausbauer & bill holloway - pcm (cd)


ARTIST // john krausbauer & bill holloway
LABEL // accidie (us)
CAT // ar004cd


PCM contains one long acoustic drone for piano and cymbals performed by two fourths of the Oregonian doom metal band Trees. John Krausbauer (also of Tecumseh) and Bill Holloway have produced a composition that is at once indebted to the heavy Minimalism of Tony Conrad and Phil Niblock, and also wholly original. Where much drone music is the result of artists plugging in some gear, dialing in a desirable sound, and then zoning out, the apparent stasis of PCM is the result of incredible physical stamina and focus as both players keep up a constant, energetic pulse throughout. Their metronomic pummeling conjures a shimmering fog of overtones under which the piano and cymbal's percussive attacks are clouded. Play it loud and let it envelop you. Mastered by Daniel Menche.