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standish/carlyon - deleted scenes (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // standish/carlyon
LABEL // felte (us)
CAT // flt010lp


Conrad Standish and Tom Carlyon cut their teeth in Devastations, an Australian-based rock act that that was steeped in the menacing dispositions of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Outwardly they have changed considerably on "Deleted Scenes," their first album as a duo, but their mellow, noir-inflected pop music still retains a dark, ominous tone that is very much linked to their previous incarnation. Instrumentation is sleek and fully driven by electronics and tempos are usually slow, but within this template Standish/Carlyon are able to convey a lot of different musical ideas, some pop-minded, others moody and atmospheric. The closing track "2 5 11" dips deepest into the latter with Fuck Buttons' Benjamin John Power providing a brooding pulse that consistently piles synth noise and whirring melodies on top. Ryan Potts, Experimedia
*Includes download coupon.* Debut album by futurist dub pop duo STANDISH/CARLYON, comprising bassist/vocalist CONRAD STANDISH and guitarist TOM CARLYON, both formerly of noir rock group DEVASTATIONS. Here, they've moved away from full-band arrangements towards submerged electronic rhythms & late-night altered states. The atmosphere throughout is one of surreal chic. In rich baritone or impressive falsetto, Standish intones dark, absurdist lyrics over the band's shimmering take on dub, a sensual, ultramodern gloss disturbed by deep vibrations. Features guest spots from members of HTRK, BLANCK MASS and FUCK BUTTONS.