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adult. - the way things fall (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // adult.
LABEL // ghostly international (us)
CAT // gi181lp


Some try to fight against any blatant artistic trajectory, but it's refreshing when artists admit what any fan can obviously hear. That's the case when Adam Lee Miller calls the new Adult. LP "the closest we have to come to writing traditional 'pop' songs," but the odd thing is it doesn't diminish their impact or sense of eerie detachment in the slightest. True, some of the steely distortions have been removed, but many other hallmarks of their electro sound still remain: vacuum-sealed drum machine beats, vocalist Nicola Kuperus' lyrics of lost love, and big, pervasive synth sounds. Naturally, "The Way Things Fall" also leads to the duo's biggest melodic payoffs, particularly on "Tonight, We Fall" that feels like a song Gary Numan may have written in his prime. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia
The Way Things Fall – the band"s first full length since 2007"s Why Bother? – is a record that sounds both focused and coherent, flowing with a conceptual ease. "[The album] flowed efficiently and agreeably for us," says Miller. "We have never worked better together. We believe this is because we exorcised all of our demons through our past records, we have no baggage, we started anew. We left behind the self-conscious adolescents." And indeed, ADULT. have never sounded so self-assured, so poised, and so vital.