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loud and sad - unknown species (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // loud and sad
LABEL // greenup industries (us)
CAT // grn005lp


From the Archives: Though they only have a few releases to their name, Greenup Industries is a label to watch and the first indication it was something special began with their inaugural release, "Unknown Species" by Loud and Sad. The album is a collaboration between Joe Houpert and Nathan McLaughlin and they hit on many leftfield styles of music while obscuring and delineating them at the same time. "Unknown Species" holds tape-mangled folk tropes and lab-based computer music next to banjo reveries, almost like if a series of Jim O'Rourke's releases were abstracted and slowed to a crawl. Loud and Sad may be a new name to some, but their affinity for spiraling rustic melodies and resplendent electronic textures is timeless. Ryan Potts, Experimedia
The duo of nathan mclaughlin and joe houpert, understated collection of electroacoustic textures and compositions evoking wide-open vistas, memories of airports, early morning rainstorms, and splashes of sun. Limited to 150 copies for the world and mastered by James Plotkin.