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outline (james ruskin & richard polson) - first contact (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // outline (james ruskin & richard polson)
LABEL // blueprint (uk)
CAT // bp-r01ep


There's been many tributes to the sorely missed Richard Polson since he passed away 7 years ago but maybe this release beats them all - a fully re-mastered and substantially beefed up re-release of Outline's 'First Contact' and 'Encounter' from the 1st and 3rd respective Blueprint EPs first recorded in autumn 1995. A co-production all the way with James Ruskin, they've been extensively road-tested in his live sets of recent. The early Outline titles had a really intense purity and helped pave the path for the golden age of British techno so watch out for more re-boots from this new Blueprint sub-series - essential stuff