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public speaking - caress, redact (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // public speaking
LABEL // floordoor records (us)
CAT // fd003lp


Limited edition of 100. Includes download code. Hand-stamped and numbered. Bursts of noise and saxophone hammer like body blows, relenting only to expose the anguish and pleading of a captive whose words are repeatedly bludgeoned and subsumed by the persistent bursts. These are the first sounds heard on Public Speaking's new album "Caress, Redact" out now on Floordoor Records. The project of Brooklyn sound artist and songwriter Jason Anthony Harris, Public Speaking has created albums that conflate soulful crooning with noise and polyrhythmic concept music. "He crafts coherent songs out of abstract processes and R&B from the tools of noise with the assured vision of an expert," writes Experimedia. Fabrica Records brought his debut "Blanton Ravine" in 2013, and he has put out material on Already Dead Records and Tape Drift. After several albums exploring improvisation, ambient soundscapes, and other instrumental approaches, Harris' music has grown increasingly song-based. Narrative dominates the songs on "Caress, Redact," even though they are the product of sonic experiments and endless sculpting of often unrecognizable sound sources. "Blacksite Blues" is a fitting introduction. Its masses of noise are wielded by an artist who continues to articulate his vision to a meticulous degree, while maintaining the soulful center of a passionate, paranoid voice. On a calmer, but nonetheless disquieting note, experimental R&B track "Shifting Weight" constructs layers of vocal harmonies that are sliced up, mangled and tossed about in the stereo field, like the song's volatile father crooning his threats to his son. The album is heavily informed by violence: both as the survivors experience it, and also in the hearts and minds of its perpetrators. Harris' songwriting is a dark investigation into these very human stories, and some very special musicians contribute to realizing these compositions: saxophonist Johnny Butler, violist Jeanann Dara (Wordless Music Orchestra), and guitarist Zach Ryalls (A Bunch of Dead People, Afuche).