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ceeys - concrete fields (cd)


ARTIST // ceeys
LABEL // 1631 recordings (sw)
CAT // mdc068cd


Ceeys, the instrumental duo of Potsdam-based brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke, perform an impressive hybrid of principally cello and piano, but also authentic electronic instruments from East Germany. The tracks on Concrete Fields present a sensitive array of nebulous melancholy moods, combining fragile cello-piano units, creeping synth pads, vivid field recordings, and fragmentary beats. Some tracks start with sparingly-arranged intros before developing into a tentative melody line. Other tracks simply concentrate on the sublime relationship between cello and piano. Deepening the exploration of the brothers' childhood in East Berlin and the interplay of their instruments, a particularly special feature is the use of some original restored electronic instruments made by famous GDR-based company Vermona back in the '70s and '80s. "Rueber" features Martyn Heyne.