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man made hill - future florists (cd)


ARTIST // man made hill
LABEL // inyrdisk (ca)
CAT // iyd041cd


The hardest working man in Toronto show business these days, Randall Gagne has taken his solo outsider project to unimaginably pop-tastic heights during these last few years, both on his tapes and LPs and in his high freak-quency live antics. Perhaps his most dancin' n' accessible psych move to date, Future Florists is the shit-hot follow-up to the early 2010 Puzzle Answers LP (Beniffer Editions/Healing Power). Its 13 compositions range between far-out electronic odysseys and vocal-driven spine ticklers. Bashed-brain dance jams for that ass. Bust the myspace. Hit the videos for "Swamp Tan" and "Maximum Defeat".