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roberto carlos lange - cutups (cassette)


ARTIST // roberto carlos lange
LABEL // cassauna (us)
CAT // sauna032cs


Cutups are a series of works by Roberto Carlos Lange (Helado Negro), created by processing audio recordings of orphaned sounds found on his hard drive. Roberto on Cutups: "There's an idea of sound composting that happens on my hard drives, I have so many recordings of improvisations, performances and general noodling that it all comes together over time becoming some sort of nutrient for other work. All these pieces are from 2010-2016, they have a similarity in aesthetic and process." Roberto Carlos Lange was the recipient of the Joyce Award in 2015. Cover art by Kristi Sword. Sword is a visual artist that uses material from her daily work and transforms them with long-time staking process to produce forms alien to where it originated.