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ana & ina - on dockweiler beach (cassette)


ARTIST // ana & ina
LABEL // constellation tatsu (us)
CAT // pur076cs


Ana & Ina are writer Ashley Hoffman and visual artist Ian James. The two have an established psychic connection combining Hoffmans writing and guidance over James synth compositions. The two met in Columbus, Ohio and were lovers and close friends for many years. While Hoffman has entered the next metaphysical plane, the years spent and the love between have kept them bonded and in conversation. This is the second Ana & Ina release. Hoffman a writer of non-fiction and poetry with a book, Breakfast Notes, to be released this year. James is a noted artist working within photography, sculpture and video, most recently with a solo show at Los Angeless Vacancy and was also in the Los Angeles New Age-duo Sneaky Snake. Ana & Ina were recently featured in the SFMOMA podcast Raw Material. Ana & Ina seek a transcendence carried forth by non-gendered angels with six packs, goofy love poetry carved in sandstone, and a techno utopian society with guaranteed income and equality.