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shinya sugimoto & jeremy young with julia kent - total fiction (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // shinya sugimoto & jeremy young with julia kent
LABEL // phinery (dn)
CAT // ph004lp


Total Fiction is the second collaborative release project between pianist and composer Shinya Sugimoto and myself, guitarist and tape collagist Jeremy Young (the first, a live performance published on cassette by The Phinery, 2016). For this record, the duo enlisted the beautiful digitally-processed cello of Julia Kent. There's much to be said about how this record came together, how it started with a pile of tape loops, then guitar and piano tracks were exchanged, then those were dubbed to tape and cut up and layered, and all was sent to Julia to make sense of... But it's so strikingly pretty I think it's best to dive right in! Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and artwork by the talented Graeme Swinton.