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david papapostolou - contrastes (dispositifs d'ecoute / c'est moi qui souligne) (cd)


ARTIST // david papapostolou
LABEL // winds measure (us)
CAT // wm032cd-t


Contrastes (dispositifs d'coute; c'est moi qui souligne) "dispositifs d'coute" refers to the interaction of the pieces with the listener's immediate sound environment, and how that shapes the overall listening experience. "c'est moi qui souligne" is a literary expression used by authors quoting someone else's text and highlighting a particular section: the highlights/italics are mine. This addresses the question of authorship in the context of the listening situation described above: although the listening experience is mediated by a sound environment and pre-existing conditions beyond my control, it is clear that adding those particular sounds to an existing environment is a pre-determined situation set out by myself. Therefore my suggestively is ever present; despite the many layers of chance operations at play in the making of these pieces, and no matter how hard the man who had nothing to say tried to make sure sounds were only sounds. david papapostolou - april 30, 2012