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sinn/rd - one-legged tap dancer (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // sinn/rd
LABEL // dead vox (sw)
CAT // dvx002lp


One-legged tap dancer is the first Sinn/rd release. Throughout the record, the guitar blends with the trumpet for four luminous ambient pieces. The pair is joined on a title by the British Jon Attwood (Yellow6 guitar on "Pem-x") and on another one by Stphane Babey (Les Poissons Autistes Cello on "The Rhythmace"). description: Sinn/rd is a collaboration between Philippe Simon (from the swiss duo Les Poissons Autistes ) and Cyril Monnard (from Larkian ). In 2010, while they were recording the collaboration Bio + Larkian + Les Poissons Autistes for Three:four records, Philippe and Cyril decided to launch a project together. As this two guys are working at the speed of a continent on the move, it tooks them near three years to record and finalize a first ep. They are surely lazy ones, but Philippe and Cyril try to make something original with a guitar, a trumpet, an old rhythm machine, laptops and other goodies.