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va - an anthology of noise & electronic music volume 7 (3cd)


CAT // sr300cd


Sub Rosa presents the seventh and final volume in their An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music series. These seven volumes represent a strong listening base, as incomplete as it may be -- the basis for a near-infinite exploration through one's self, in the present tense. All in all, there are 176 tracks, created between 1921 and 2012, for a total of almost 18 hours of music. The sphere of geographical propagation was kind of programmed at the start (between 1952 and 1970 there have been over 100 national studios, mostly tied to radio, on all five continents), but it accelerated exponentially with the appearance of the first home studios, and later with the advent of the laptop computer. Following the spread with each surge of emerging creators, 42 nations are represented. In Europe: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia. In the Americas: United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chili, Brazil. In the Middle East: Israel, Iran, Turkey. In the Far East Asia: Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia. In Africa: Egypt. In Oceania: Australia, New Zealand. This triple CD of concrete, destructured and electronic music contains rare or unpublished works by Henry Jacobs, Tziga Vertov, Bebe & Louis, Luciano Berio, Bülent Arel, Don Preston, Slawek Kwi + Siobhan McDonald, Benjamin Thigpen, Helmut Schäfer, Novi_sad, Saule, Bebe & Louis Barron, E-L Scott de Martinville, John Oswald, Sin:Net, Israel Quellet, Alan Courtis, Fausto Romitelli, Justin K. Broadrick, Storm Bugs, E.A.R., Henry Cow, Osso Exotico, Eugeniusz Rudnik, Eduardo Polonio, Cabaret Voltaire, Mika Vainio, Alma Laprida + Juan Jose Calarco, Klangkrieg, Gintas Kraptavicius, Warong Rachapreecha, The New Blockaders, The Haters, The Rita, To Die, Agro, Jamka, Erin Sexton, Gustavo Serpa , and Anonymous Noise. It also includes a 84-page booklet of critical and biographical notes.

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