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dracula lewis - u$e your illu$ion$ (12inch vinyl lp)


CAT // h023lp


After a 12" for the Souterrain Transmissions label, Dracula Lewis delivers his long-awaited debut full-length U$e Your Illu$ion$; a title which evokes an imaginary deviant glamor which is synonymous with the teasing nature and sense of mystery that's part of Dracula Lewis' world. Working with an abundance of pop-based ideas and an abstract mentality, the record brings to mind, in manner and tone, hallucinatory avant strategies that were typical of the second wave of industrial. The material is based around a narrative of total fantasy, sometimes very dark, others a shimmering duel between light and shadow. Piercing synth tones, pounding beats, samples and effected vocals are the staples of U$e Your Illu$ion$'s sonic make-up, while each song confronts traditional song structure as well as embraces them with a certain amount of playful austerity. They also form an estranged narrative visually that ridicules the emptiness within the density of Dracula Lewis' stylistic and fantastical references. Like his contemporary Sewn Leather (who is covered here on "Smoke Ov the Punk"), it's the underlying punk attitude to U$e Your Illu$ion$ which hits home the most, using primitive electronics and dub techniques to epitomize desecration and neglect. Die-cut, fold-out sleeve.

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