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poisonous relationship - garden of problems (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // poisonous relationship
LABEL // ecstasy (us)
CAT // e008lp


After a slew of free digital releases, producing mixtapes, and various remixes, Sheffield,UK native Jamie Crewe arrives at his first proper full-length under the Poisonous Relationship name, "Garden of Problems." It's a propulsive dancefloor-ready album that also dispenses a healthy dose of abstraction and non-linear structure and pleasantly expands it past such strict genre definitions. Overall "Garden of Problems" is a sonic delight and has beats, melodies, and harmonies stacked and layered with a variety of rich instrumentation: handclaps, twinkling bells, pounding house beats, hissing hi hats, lush piano chords and that's just what provides the rhythmic backbone. It comes together best with the clipped vocals, whirring organ melodies, and effervescent energy of "Nite Birds." Ryan Potts, Experimedia
POISONOUS RELATIONSHIP is a 26 year old from Sheffield, UK, named JAMIE CREWE, a singer, songwriter, producer, designer, artist, and writer. Over the past three years PR has released 7 records of hysterical songwriting free and online, alongside various remixes and covers. Extracurricular work has included producing for New Jersey rapper Cakes Da Killa,s mixtape The Eulogy, and co-writing and singing background vocals for Alexis Penney,s forthcoming debut album, Window. Garden Of Problems is PR,s first commercial release. It is a suite of soulful house music which draws inspiration from the likes of MK and Masters At Work, simultaneously indulging in and undoing the pleasures of dance music. Over beats that drive, swerve and retreat unexpectedly, PR sings songs built from ambivalent fragments, with lover,s cliches next to withering condemnations, obtuse lists next to plain-spoken realisations, and half phrases which reach vulnerable conclusions. Sung in a tender, R&B-indebted voice and stacked with lush harmonies, these songs are embellished with smouldering electric pianos, opulent organs, steel drums, choirs of breathy flutes, vogue house HAs, chirruping claves, rippling hand drums, bleating saxophones and synthesised guitars, interrupted by birdsong, galloping horses, police sirens, and a thunderstorm.