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darren harper - awaken my heart to a belief in hope (cd)


ARTIST // darren harper
LABEL // analogpath (jp)
CAT // analogpath013cd


True to its title, "Awaken My Heart To A Belief In Hope" seems to look ever skyward, capturing floating guitar loops, effect-driven twinkles, and a large about of spacious air in the process. Darren Harper's new album comes from the ether like a hushed version of Simon Scott's "Below Sea Level" or a mysterious Machinefabriek collaboration as his subtle musicianship is always creased with an equal amount hiss. It's lovingly crafted and both signal and noise are built on a meshing of analog equipment and digital software. The best of Harper's tracks combine both in a variety of ways: short guitar melodies prick the fuzzy sheets of static on "Pastorale Loop" and a web of digital glitches coat wistful piano notes on "Meander Between." – Ryan Potts, Experimedia
All music by Darren Harper, Darren Harper met the analog recorder. Reflections on loss, surrender, hope, and indifference. Experiments for ReVox A77, Fender Telecaster, Piano, Field Recordings, and Ableton Live.

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