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ben vida / greg davis - working models (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // ben vida / greg davis
LABEL // los discos enfantasmes (ca)
CAT // lde040lp


*160g vinyl in front & back die cut sleeve.* Despite being long-time touring partners and like-minds connected through Kranky Records, this is only the second released collaboration between Ben Vida and Greg Davis and first on vinyl. "Working Models" is comprised of two longform pieces that nicely assembles Vida and Davis' work with modular synthesis and eurorack set ups both together and apart over the past several years. The breadth of material the two cover is quite staggering: static sine waves, arrhythmic percussive patterns, short melodic fragments, deconstructed sonic debris, bubbling textures, and glitchy sonorities only begin to describe the wealth of abstract terrain "Working Models" holds. It is a triumph and true credit to Vida and Davis' compositional strengths that all these vibrant moments are tied together with confident and purposeful execution, making the album exciting and engrossing at every turn. Ryan Potts, Experimedia
Two expansive compositions in compact form evolved from sinuous convolutions of electrical currents conducted through an intersection of Ben Vida and Greg Davis. Recorded, assembled and mixed in Brooklyn, NY and Burlington VT from September to June 2012, with both parties intervening on modular synthesizer and computer.

Working Model 1 is a nodal piece, likened to a string of pearls, with each pearl being a chamber within which a sound environment is revealed, developed and transitioned to the next node seamlessly through gesture, rupture, and rhythm changes. Moments of stochastic synthesis, chromatic interrupters firing, globular pulsations, short lived melodic lines, and rhythmic arrangements keep the piece moving and the ear engaged at the micro level. The flip side, Working Models 2 has more of an unearthly feel to it with interwoven frequencies giving way to percussive structures, granular textures, and layers of synthesis that propel the piece through it's different movements.

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