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implodes - recurring dream (12inch vinyl lp)


CAT // krank174lp


On their Kranky debut "Black Earth," Implodes droned somewhere in between the brooding buzz saw of The Jesus and Mary Chain and a goth-indebted, pre-"Loveless" My Bloody Valentine. While the oppressive mood often remains the same, Implodes find themselves traversing bolder and much more brazen terrain on "Recurring Dream." There's a heightened sense of rhythm and muscular instrumental interplay that adds depth to their shoegaze-leaning sonics and allows huge synth solos to erupt on "Scattered in the Wind" and "Bottom of a Well." Fans of brittle acoustic guitars, buckets of reverb, and cavernous guitar riffs will rejoice as "Recurring Dream" connects the desolation of Barn Owl with the buzz of Belong's "Common Era." – Ryan Potts, Experimedia
"The band Implodes has, on their previous albums, tapped into the deep psychic recesses where our sonic memories first took shape. They have played the part of the ancient ancestor, lying submerged in the shallows, waiting to make its gambit onto dry land and into a new world. With their new album, Recurring Dream, Implodes breathes fresh air. Melodies that were once distant echoes are now suffused with energy and clarity of purpose, submerged rhythms now walk in the light of day. Implodes does not, however, eschew its heritage. Heaviness abounds. The band has not abandoned the crushing pressure of the deep, dark places. But Recurring Dream breaches the thin membrane that contained its previous efforts and preys unmolested in its new environment. There has always been an organic component to Implodes' music, and not just because the band is comprised of humans. Its music is tied to those very earliest of our sonic traditions, to the sounds of Earth and space and deep water and simple machines. Recurring Dream is about waking up in the dark and witnessing the slow birth of consciousness, still tethered to fantasies and nightmares, and walking into the unknown."

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