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common eider king eider - figs wasps and monotremes (download)


ARTIST // common eider king eider
LABEL // root strata (us)
CAT // rs37dg



"Figs, Wasps, and Monotremes" is the second Common Eider, King Eider disc by Rob Fisk (Badgerlore, Free Porcupine Society). Recorded last winter in Fairbanks, Alaska, it's full of the kind of bedroom isolation you might expect from a place where during that time of year the sun rises for only about two hours a day. Using mostly violin, guitar and his lovely falsetto, Fisk has crafted a bewitching set of soundtracks for being utterly lost. These passages ring out into the night and last until the moments just before waking. Songs on the brink of implosion, born of soft small movements that billow upwards but still cast an eye towards the occasional outbursts of bleak distortion.

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