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cankun - culture of pink (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // cankun
LABEL // hands in the dark (fr)
CAT // hitd015lp


Catchy in some areas and groove-focused in others, the new full-length by Vincent Caylet's project Cankun may not bring tropicalia into many unexpected places, but it always provides a refreshing blend of psych-minded pop music. Unlike many of his peers, such as Sun Araw, "Culture of Pink" always seems focused on pushing ideas forward and giving a momentum to his pieces rather than languishing in hypnotism. In fact, only once does he go over pop song-length and that's with the dub-infused "Why Do You Laugh?" that spirals past the seven minute mark. Though decidedly not hi-fi, there is a distinct sparkle and thump to his songs that places "Culture of Pink" somewhere between cassette culture and Washed Out. Ryan Potts, Experimedia
After Cankun's 2011 full-length album Ethiopian Dreams, Vincent Caylet returns to Hands in the Dark with his debut vinyl LP, Culture of Pink. Whilst the frenchman still builds his sound with Lo-fi, tropical, catchy experimental tracks and groovy improvisation, the form of his music has nonetheless evolved remarkably since his discographic debut, boasting a more grown up composition and more slick production, with the beat now more hypnotising and each track more distinct and varied than ever - a far cry from the early days of his cassette release Jaguar Dance in 2011 (Not Not Fun). The end result is an auditory prize jewel with a coherence of the kind one finds rarely. Culture of Pink places Cankun in that elite circle of artists whose music rings out from the rest of the one-man band projects out there.