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derek piotr - raj (cd)


ARTIST // derek piotr
LABEL // derek piotr (us)
CAT // dpsr001cd


*Limited edition of 500 CDs in cardboard wallet. First 200 orders come with vinyl sticker.* In self-producing and self-releasing "Raj," a 32 minute affair that features drifting distortions, cut up vocals, and coiling electronic beats, Derek Piotr has assured the listener that every uncompromising musical inclination will be duly investigated. Fittingly, one of the most impressive assets of "Raj" is its air of unpredictability, as if any moment a song could convulse into an eruption of noise or cut away to silent stillness. It is to Piotr's compositional credit that he does each extreme equally well, delving into the dread of a Nine Inch Nails instrumental on "Graves" and exploring calm and chiming serenity at the onset of "Hutan" with the same vigor. Piotr has released several albums over the past few years, but his vision is distilled and compacted impressively on "Raj." Ryan Potts, Experimedia
Following the success of his second record, Airing (which was nominated by the jury of Prix Ars Electronica for Digital Musics 2012 prize), Derek Piotr releases his third solo album, Raj. While his first two records found home on then-new Bitsquare imprint, Piotr has underscored the importance of creative independence with Raj by self-releasing this project as well as completely self-producing and being the album's sole performer. The organ parts for this record were performed and recorded by Piotr in St. Peter's Cathedral, December 2011. This record was mastered by Antye GreieRipatti (AGF), who had previously provided engineering assistance on Piotr's debut solo effort, AGORA.