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annelies monsere - somewhere someone (7inch vinyl)


ARTIST // annelies monsere
LABEL // morc (be)
CAT // morc049sv


“Somewhere someone” consists of 6 previously unreleased songs. Five out of six are brand new and written right after recording “marit”. One was written a long time ago for her band Zent One, but, completely reworked for this release. She recorded these songs over a short period of time in 2008 on an eight track cassette recorder at home. This ep features a Hammond organ for the first time. This instrument led to new approaches in songwriting. This release deviates clearly from previous releases, with a darker and harsher sound. Lyrically, these songs all touch the theme of absence, though this was not a conscious starting point. The ep is limited to 185. All copies are hand-numbered, hand-stamped and have handwritten liner notes by Annelies.