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sam prekop - who's your new professor (cd)


ARTIST // sam prekop
LABEL // thrill jockey (us)
CAT // thrill146cd


Who's Your New Professor was the second solo album from The Sea and Cake's Sam Prekop. Originally released in 2005 the LP version is back as part of our 20th anniversary vinyl reissue campaign. Pressed on high quality virgin vinyl the LP edition comes with a free download coupon. On Who's Your New Professor Prekop used a variety of unconventional guitar tunings and actively stepped away from familiar vocal and rhythmic patterns. He goes on to explain: "I was consciously trying to get away from the Brazilian influence. It did seep in occasionally, but I was careful to approach the record differently. This time around there seems to be a curious blues quality to many of the pieces which has never happened before. Like his self-titled debut, the songs on Who's Your New Professor were created in Prekop's Chicago apartment, and were then taken to John McEntire's (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake) Soma Studio in Chicago. The band of Josh Abrams (bass - Town & Country, Sticks & Stones, The Roots), Archer Prewitt (guitar - The Sea and Cake, Sof' Boy), Chad Taylor (drums - Chicago Underground, Sticks & Stones), and Rob Mazurek (cornet - Chicago Underground, Isotope 217) was reassembled, and Who's Your New Professor was born.