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giant claw - mutant glamour (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // giant claw
LABEL // orange milk (us)
CAT // om038lp


Giant Claw's sophomore LP Mutant Glamour moves Keith Rankin's progressive hypersynth music toward a grand robot world of mutants and cream. Following cassette releases on Digitalis, Bridgetown, and Retrograde and an LP on Wool, Giant Claw returns to Orange Milk, the label Rankin co-founded with Seth Graham (Henry Dawson). Mutant Glamour opens with the menacing chords of "Brain on Cream" amidst a stuttering pattern while strange melodies creep in. A renegade robot or kaiju could be lurking around any corner. The strange beast is revealed in a frantic chase through a hypercolor world that is equally vintage sci-fi and 8-bit melodrama. The synthesizer is interrupted by a wailing saxophone on "Empire of Summer," momentarily inducing a free jazz seizure, before moving into the rainbow in pixelated air of "Glitter Logic" and silver Apple IIe of the moon of "Mutants in the Bedroom." No one else is making music quite like Giant Claw and Mutant Glamour is a solid album that firmly establishes Rankin as a unique force in the world of modern synthesizer music. - Curt Brown, Experimedia
Mutant Glamour is the new full length LP from Keith Rankin's Giant Claw project, a culmination of three years of steady musical output. The album has a variety of themes: mutation, fashion, freaky sex, trash culture, our weird alien bodies, and so on. Musically it's a sprawling, layered combination of improvisation and meticulous composition through editing, one that is deceptively seamless and of a whole. On the record you'll also find wild atonal saxaphone, free jazz breakdowns, a lush ballad, and the insane sequences and broken arpeggios that one might expect from such a "synth act." Except Mutant Glamour is much more than synthesizer music. It's a restless document of clashing cultures and sounds expressed through electronics, flirting with a lot of traditions (dance, noise, jazz, prog rock) but never really settling on any one platform.

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