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central living - dune church (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // central living
LABEL // blackest rainbow (uk)
CAT // brr231lp


A new duo featuring Steve Gunn, a new record to pluck and strum and gnaw away at your nervous system. This man plays it like a mantra, his fingers constantly asking why, refuting each response with yet another. Why? His cohort in Central Living, one Manuel Padding, is just as relentless with his electronic accompaniment. The two side-long offerings these two have sculpted won't wash over, they will burrow into you. Let the Dune Church in. - Mike Shiflet,Experimedia
Debut collaborative release from Manuel Padding and Steve Gunn (GHQ). Steve plays guitar with effects and Manuel is on electronics, vocals and percussion. Dune Church comprises of two tracks, The Original Mind Roti being the first with some beautiful playing from Steve which is reminiscent of his solo work and his GHQ collaborations with Marcia Bassett, but layered with Manuel's electronics, which fluctuate between psychedelic hazes to almost concrete walls of heavy drones at noises at times, it creates something otherworldly. The B side, 'Stone Canoe' has rapid cascading plucking merged with whirring electronics, Steve's playing moves in and out of the blissed out mystic drones already laid down by the duo, haunting vocals creeping in and out. These two 20 minute tracks should be played as loud as possible. Pressed in an edition of 300 on virgin vinyl.