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evan caminiti - night dust (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // evan caminiti
LABEL // immune (us)
CAT // immune019lp


Absolutely stunning new full-length solo outing by Barn Owl guitarist Evan Caminiti. "Night Dust" finds Caminiti operating in a mode a bit more akin to his work with Lisa McGee as Higuma than when playing spectral, doom-laden drones alongside Jon Porras in the aforementioned Thrill Jockey duo. Throughout the album, hazy, distant sounding drones serve as a lush backdrop for Caminiti's dusty chord shapes. However, despite the predominance of gorgeous guitar/tube amp sourced material, I'd be remiss not to mention the lengths Caminiti goes to on "Night Dust" to incorporate other elements into his sound. "A Memory or a Mirage" finds what sounds like pulsing synthesizers nestling around a degraded wash of guitar tones. Recorded entirely to 4 track cassette, this is a warm, analog sounding album through and through, with Caminiti making expert use of his chosen production medium. I'd urge even those listeners who might feel overly inundated with the output of Barn Owl-related releases not to miss this fantastic album that stands as a high point in Caminiti's already storied discography. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia
With Night Dust, his debut for Immune, Caminiti shifted the focus away from amplifier worship and the desert themes his work is often associated with to focus on texture, fractured dub techniques, and spacious electric guitar compositions. Recorded entirely to 4 track cassette, Caminiti embraced the limitations of the medium and warped the original sound sources with analog electronics, searching for beauty in the hazy and degraded sounds. Inspiration came from smokey blue hues and washed out lights of some of the '80s best vampire movies which contributes to the visually evocative narrative flow the album possesses.