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jussi lehtisalo - interludes for prepared beast (cassette)

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ARTIST // jussi lehtisalo
LABEL // sige (us)
CAT // sige014cs


Super deluxe cassette edition limited to 100 in oversized box Interludes for Prepared Beast, takes yet another abrupt left turn. With a title that references (and perhaps parodies) John Cage's piano molestations, Lehtisalo's latest effort scans like a transcription of his own central nervous system. Each side of vinyl comprises an unpredictable 17-minute suite that fidgets and sprawls in a neon procession of stabbing fuzz guitars and clacking, rattlesnake percussion. Noise, prog, metal, punk, ambient, and electronic fragments stutter, shift, and melt beneath an abstract sun. During key moments, a benevolent ogre chants random absurdities before glassine synths and psychedelic sound effects drag him out to sea. Aggression yields to serenity, restlessness cedes to calm, and destruction gives birth to bliss. Hallelujah.