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filfla - fliptap (cd)


ARTIST // filfla
LABEL // someone good (au)
CAT // rmsg013cd


Room40's sub-label, Someone Good, is always such a pleasant surprise. FilFla's (aka Keiichi Sugimoto) new mini-album "Fliptap" is the latest incarnation in Someone Good's ongoing series of '10 songs in 20 minutes' and in that 20 minutes, FilFla make quite an impression. "Fliptap" shimmers. Zonked-out synth melodies skitter across the sky puncuated by pinpoint beats fired in rapid succession. Organic elements like acoustic guitars and field recordings elegantly fall out of the electronic swirl adding even more depth to the proceedings. This is music that exudes energy. The two longer pieces are the centerpoints of the album. "Wst-Est" is a fully-realized masterpiece built around a revolving vocal line, Sugimoto crafts layer-upon-layer of crystallized pop nostalgia. There's a seriousness to this track that makes it stand out on the album. Songs like "Morse Mail," "Tea Pulse," and "Densinozi" are playful but make no less of an impact. "Fliptap" is, simply, a lot of fun. As the glitched-out bombast of album closer, "10 Pack Plus Ice," comes to an end the only thing that seems right is to hit play and start it all over again. - Brad Rose for Experimedia
FilFla's mini-LP, Fliptap, is the latest addition to Someone Good's ongoing '10 Songs In 20 Minutes' series. '10 Songs In 20 Minutes' is a collection of albums refining and capturing the essence of avant-pop songwriting. A euphoric collection of pop infused electronic microcosms, Fliptap is a celebration of minimal composition.

Keiichi Sugimoto is a master craftsperson when it comes to creating micro pop hooks and with Fliptap he boils down an essential vision of what FilFla is about. Fliptap is littered with fractured vocal lines, ear-worm guitar melodies, subtle synth hooks and pulsing rhythmic energy - the perfect combination for repeated listens.

About FilFla // Keiichi Sugimoto
Keiichi Sugimoto is an international artist and composer from Japan. He plays in several sound projects such as FilFla, FourColor, Minamo and Fonica. His compositions have been released from record labels throughout the world such as 12K (US), apestaartje (US), TOM LAB (Germany), and HEADZ (Japan). As FourColor, his album "Water Mirror" was chosen among the best electronica albums in the THE WIRE magazine (UK). He has also toured extensively in Europe, Asia, Australia, the United States, and Canada. He has provided numerous tracks to films, visuals, plays, exhibitions, television, web commercials, and company videos. In 2004, FourColor provided the music for director Jun Miyazaki's "FRONTIER", appearing at the Cannes film festival. In addition, the film won the "Young Viewpoint" award during the director's week. In 2006 at the France Aix-en-Provence film festival, Keiichi Sugimoto won the original soundtrack prize, for his soundtrack of "Whirr", a film by German director Timo Katz. By 2007, these achievements had lead Sugimoto to be registered to the French film composers association (U.C.M.F).