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tetras - pareidolia (2x12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // tetras
LABEL // flingco (us)
CAT // fss017lp


In late 2009 Jason Kahn approached Jeroen Visser about starting a project together. After a few months of playing they decided to invite Christian Weber into the group, who Jason knew from previous bands. In early 2010 the group began meeting regularly in Jeroen's studio to develop their sound. The Double LP Pareidolia documents these sessions.

Tetras take a long-form approach to their music, with live sets approaching one hour or more. The gradual structural development of their pieces blurs the sense of time passing, moving through various fields of improvisation which owe as much to rock (This Heat, Can), as jazz (Sun Ra, electric-era Miles Davis), minimal music (Steve Reich) or drone (Phil Niblock).

Aside from their collaborative approach to the music, Tetras also work collectively in all aspects of the production involving a recording. On Pareidolia each member of the group had a hand in either mixing the initial tracks or mastering them for the final vinyl cut before pressing. Having Pareidolia released as a double LP reflects the group's preference for a certain analog sound and a way of listening to music not common in today's world of playlists and compressed sound files.

In the context of these recordings, the title Pareidolia refers to the idea of hearing through the music, to find the many shifting layers of form and interplay slowly manifesting themselves over the duration of the pieces.

Webster's Dictionary defines "Pareidolia" as a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant. Common examples include images of animals or faces in clouds, the man in the moon, and hidden messages on records played in reverse.

Recorded February 2011 by Jeroen Visser at F.ishing B.akery L.abs, Zurich.
Mixed by Jason Kahn and Christian Weber
Mastered by Jeroen Visser at Central Dubs Vinyl Mastering, Bern
Album artwork by Jason Kahn
Available as a double LP in an edition of 500, packaged in silk-screened jackets with artwork by Jason Kahn. As with all FSS vinyl releases, a download code comes with each album.

Of the list of potential influences/comparisons, the one that really strikes a chord with me is Can. The four pieces here each remind me of that great German group a lot, a kind of neat blend between the dub by psychedelia of albums like Tago Mago and the later, more firmly rhythmic Future Days.
Richard Pinnell The Watchful Ear Jan. 29, 2012

They carve a path in the vein of This Heat, the Necks, and modern day Oneida; longform patterns for the listener to follow, puzzles to solve, energy to displace.
Doug Mosurock Still Single Feb. 3, 2012

Track Listing

Side A) Pareidolia i (20:11) Side B) Pareidolia ii (18:02) Side C) Pareidolia iii (20:22) Side D) Pareidolia iv (17:39)