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illusion of safety - sedation & quell (10inch)

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ARTIST // illusion of safety
LABEL // complacency (us)
CAT // cip021tn


This beautifully packaged, limited edition 10" gold vinyl release finds Burkeat least for the most partin minimalist mode. Two terrifying sides of dark ambient thrills from a recently-reawakened Illusion of Safety. This is the Illusion Of Safety side of ambient - very cinematic in scope, not comforting quiet, but discomforting beautiful. 'Sedation' is a humming low end piece with tension lurking underneath, it lulls you to sleep aside the faint glare of electronic fuse cracklin. While Quell goes all out in a Grand Guignol stretch of noise leading out of a maddeningly chilling drone. Scarier than most direct-to-DVD horror films; images providing this sort of sound would probably tear society apart. Or not. Either way, a welcome return to the fold. Gold vinyl.

Limited edition 10" 500 copies. C.I.P/Complacency productions CIP021
side one: Sedation 10:54
side two: Quell 9:48