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matt carlson - particle language (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // matt carlson
LABEL // draft (us)
CAT // draft012lp


Absolutely brilliant debut solo LP of uniquely crafted modular synth compositions by Matt Carlson of Golden Retriever (Root Strata / Gift Tapes). An Experimedia favorite!

DRAFT is pleased to announce the release of Matt Carlson's solo debut LP release, Particle Language. Following up his stellar solo works for Gift Tapes, including Stereo Face and Gecko Dream Levels, Carlson advances his signature electronic compositions, venturing into weirder, tweaked realms of morphing synthesis and bent perception. Particle Language guides the listener through an effervescent cauldron of unstable energies and molten, robotic detritus into a shifting stereoized vacuum-space. Sounds effortlessly arch and skim this reflective pathway, propelling us into the depths of our unconscious minds. Embedded with outsider music reference points and metaphysical undercurrents, Carlson's modular synthesizer mastery and ingenious use of tape and vocoder has unearthed grey-void atmospheres overflowing with otherworldly aural apocrypha–a uniquely warped vision.

"I've known Matt Carlson since 2003. Ever since then I've been blown away by his role in every creative context I've had the pleasure of witnessing. From solo performances to 12-hour improvisations to standup comedy/free improv to music for dance to performances of his modern classical compositions, he is all over the map. His wildly diverse musical curiosities have lead to his involvement with numerous collaborations, including the drone trio Bonus, the eccentric pop group Parenthetical Girls, the Portland art collective Oregon Painting Society, and his current role in the amazing Golden Retriever. Over the years, I've come to recognize that Carlson's musical ability far outweighs that of any of my peers, but more significantly, I've seen his artistic vision develop into something entirely unique and original–and it is this vision that I am especially excited to present to you." - Jason E Anderson, Gift Tapes/DRAFT

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk
Full color jacket and labels, two-sided color insert, packed in 2.5 mil clear plastic outer sleeve, edition of 500.

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