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christophe bailleaue - air resort (cd)


ARTIST // christophe bailleaue
LABEL // soundscaping (no)
CAT // sound001ct


01. Yoshis Island (07:44)
02. Meli-melo (09:33)
03. Silence Cadeau (07:32)
04. Small Village on The Hill (feat. guitar by Mark Templeton) (08:30)
05. Praw Nii (02:13)
06. Je Te Laisse Des Messages Sur Ton Dcodeur (feat. sounds by Sebastin Roux) (07:38)
07. Coloriiage (09:49)

Soundscaping Records launches and proudly presents its first album release, a dreamy masterpiece by multimedial artist Christophe Bailleau well-known by former releases on Fentre Records, Eglantine Records, Annexia and collaborations with a variety of artists; Neal Williams, Won, Sebastin Roux, Mark Templeton.

On Air Resort, Christophe Bailleau embarks on a journey through spacious landscapes, and it begins with the lush patterns of bells and shape-shifting waves of sounds washing ashore on Yoshis Island. Meli-melo is a series of overlapping hums, mellow sounds offset by a sharper, reverberating synth gradually enveloping the listener in a shimmering field of fascinating colours. Silence Cadeau strikes up with organs chiming set to tasty clicks in the backdrop, being enigmatic and majestic in build-up and reaching far into your imagination to unveil the contents of a treasure. Then Small Village on The Hill leaves the calm behind in a piece of shrill chimes and bells that increases in frequency to encompass the listener before Mark Templetons soothing strummed guitar chords safely harbours the tune. Praw Nii is a brilliant piece, short and expressive, and in build-up like an LFO-esque track with dark thuds and synths in concert only to fade, then return for a great encore yet all over in mere 2 minutes. Sebastin Roux joins efforts with Bailleaus on Je Te Laisse Des Messages Sur Ton Dcodeur and the two ably play off each others imaginative minds as magical tapestries of all-encompassing sounds and a multitude of textures create lush soundscapes to marvel similar to Bailleaus endeavours on his 2008 album on Fentre. The finale of Coloriiage finds Bailleau venturing into a landscape of wavy textures that spin off each other as sparks of sound wisp off into the air, and the show comes to a close with Bailleau having displayed his expertise creating magical soundscapes that manage to both come across as personal and abstract.

Mastered by Andreas Nordenstam
Artwork by Trym Asserson
Graphics by Erik Sand

//01.yoshi island
//03.silence cadeau
//04.small village on the hill (feat. guitar by Mark Templeton)
//05.praw nii
// te laisse des messages sur ton dcodeur (feat. sounds by sebastin roux)
//bonus download.franksblanding remix by pjusk