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dale lloyd - akasha_for record (12inch lp pic disc)


ARTIST // dale lloyd
LABEL // elevator bath (us)
CAT // eeaoa028lp


A welcome return from Dale Lloyd with this, his first new release in three years. Akasha_for Record is a two-part composition, filled with highly dynamic intricacies very carefully arranged. Rich micro-detail meets subtle emotional resonance in a spellbinding work created specifically for the vinyl format: "When Colin kindly invited me to create work for his picture disc series, I decided to do so with the intention that the vinyl record format would be an ongoing contributor to the work and each copy would contribute different details by virtue of how each record was made and according to how each might accumulate dust, pops, crackles, etcetera over time. Indeed when Colin and I listened to each of the test pressings, we discovered that each copy did in fact add sonic elements to the work at certain points that the other copies did not; and variance also occurred according to the type of turntable, stylus, cartridge, and stereo system used for playback." Akasha_for Record is an opulent listening experience and one that will reward close, repeated scrutiny.

The record's artwork consists of two gorgeous, lightly manipulated, photographic images by Lloyd. The sound/vision combination of Akasha_for Record is truly intriguing and utterly beautiful.

Dale Lloyd is well known for sound art, phonography, graphic design, and curatorial skills for his highly acclaimed and/OAR label. He has recorded for numerous labels over the years, including Elevator Bath, and/OAR, Alluvial Recordings, Mystery Sea, and Room40. Lloyd lives in Seattle, Washington.

This picture disc LP has been released in an edition of 216 copies.

Total running time: 39 minutes

Track list: part 1
part 2