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brian ruryk - guitar weakling (7inch lathe)


ARTIST // brian ruryk
LABEL // beniffer editions (ca)
CAT // bfweaklingsv


Lathe Cut 7" W/ Printed Rubber Mounted Over A Surface Raised By Ball Bearings - Edition of 50

Fourth Ruryk release for Beniffer Editions. This one succeeds in transcribing an overwhelming "music at work" type feel. Or atleast from the sounds of it, a guy who used to be able to enjoy the occasional guitar freakout in the office.

Originally the intent of this package, was to create an effect similar to that of silly putty newspaper transfer. Only with a more permanent substrate. This is what I came up with. A pale yellow excersise band with a one color screen print of Brian. Underneath the rubber are hundreds of spray glued ball bearings. This may result in an uncomfortable setting in your alphabetically filed 7" collection (goodbye mint condition runzelstirn & gurglestock/K2 split) The back is a collage by the artist, with direct printing onto each side of the record with old R&B record label closeups.