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hein schoer - two weeks in alert bay (cd)


ARTIST // hein schoer
LABEL // gruenrekorder (de)
CAT // gruen082cd


The German Gruenrekorder label explores phonography in many forms, extending their activities beyond their substantial catalogue of CDs into publications, events and lectures held on the subject of field recording, natural acoustic phenomena and the links with experimental music. These two recent releases, while both involving field recordings to some degree, illustrate the wide range of activity undertaken by the label. Hein Schoer's release is the end result of two weeks' recording in a remote coastal area in British Columbia. Some 35 hours of crystal clear recordings have been collated and compiled into a kind of audio diary of Schoer's visit. Perhaps more of a portrait of the area and its native communities, a kind of audio equivalent of a National Geographic piece more than a musical composition, the album jumps from natural sounds to conversations overheard, local singing lessons, the sound of wood being worked and a teacher taking class with plenty more in between. Two Weeks In Alert Bay works as an entry point into an unfamiliar environment much better than as an abstract piece of music. - The Wire