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va - lessons (2cd)


ARTIST // various
LABEL // front and follow (uk)
CAT // fandf050cd


Lessons marks ten years of the on-going experiment that is the Front & Follow record label, and it also marks their 50th official release, bringing together artists from across the years in old guises and new. From their very first collaborator (Elite Barbarian) to their most recent (The Slowest Lift) -- via the likes of Pye Corner Audio, Leyland Kirby, and Laura Cannell -- Lessons reflects the eclectic nature of the label and their fondness for a special project. Also features: West Norwood Cassette Library, Giant Head, Swine, TVO, Oliver Cherer, Andy Nice, Isnaj Dui, Time Attendant. Farmer Glitch, BLK w/BEAR, Howlround, Hoofus, BLK TAG , Sone Institute, Graham Reznick, Yonokiero, The Doomed Bird of Providence, Ekoplekz, IX Tab, Kemper Norton.