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stacian - person l - (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // stacian
LABEL // night school (us)
CAT // lssn053lp


Stacian is Person L—Oakland resident, solo artist and academic Dania Luck. Beginning in the American Midwest, she has been an ongoing Bay Area concern since 2008, deeply involved in the minimal wave and underground electronic music scene. A dystopian vision of alienated humanity, broken communications and technoid mal-forms, this album is her most fully developed full length and a leap forward from 2012’s Songs For Cadets. Moving away from the primitive Cold Wave of previous work, it creates a bleak dystopia without relying on Ballardian cliché, though still invoking concrete prisons and urban disassociation—a throbbing, murky underworld that revels in imperfections; a submersive, digital swamp bleeding through the club.