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upward arrows - upward arrows (cd)


ARTIST // upward arrows
LABEL // under the spire (uk)
CAT // spire036cd


The next release on UTS will be an album from John McCaffrey under the new guise of Upward Arrows. Here are a few words from John. "The tracks on Upward Arrows were made especially for Under The Spire the name Upward Arrows is an allusion to the thousands of church spires that pepper the world, all pointing upwards like arrows aimed at the sky. Instead of giving Chris an album of 'Part Timer' material, I wanted to do something different; something that fit with my understanding of the UTS sound and which was still linked to my music as Part Timer. Looking through the files on my hard drive, I found lots of sounds from collaborative pieces I had done recently and many partially completed tunes. I started to combine snatches of these sounds with field recordings, recorded some new parts and assembled 10 tracks that felt right together. I suppose I have tried to merge my folkier-electronic leanings with a relatively recently developed interest in drone and modern classical music. I think Upward Arrows captures my developing awareness of these other genres without trying too hard to change what it is I normally do. Anyway, I hope you like it." - John