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tree branch twig - beneath the (cassette)


ARTIST // tree branch twig
LABEL // full spectrum (us)
CAT // fs058cs


We welcome Lindsay Keast to the Full Spectrum family with this release, which marks the Editions Littlefield debut of her Tree branch Twig project. A longstanding friend of our humble label, Lindsay began workshopping these songs in 2014 when she lived in Eugene, Oregon to complete her Masters in Art History and Museum Studies. It took her 3 years and a move back to her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa to see them through to completion. The four compositions on the tape were born from a marriage of convenience. After accepting a series of bookings in Eugene to help fill her idle hours, Lindsay began searching for a portable instrument she could build her sets around. After rediscovering an old mandolin collecting dust in her attic apartment on the University of Oregon campus, she quickly sketched demo versions of the songs on her iPhone while fumbling through chord progressions and fingerings on the previously neglected instrument. After our invitation to submit something for release, she revisited these rudimentary arrangements, made some updates and re-recorded them properly in her basement in Des Moines this past spring. The result is a suite of hushed ballads that occupy a rarefied space between drone and song, calling to mind artists like Tara Jane ONeil, Colleen or Grouper. As with all our Editions Littlefield releases, the cover image depicts a place with a personal connection to the artist. In this instance, the photo is from Kimball, Nebraska. While moving back to Iowa after concluding her time in Eugene, Lindsays car broke down in Kimball. She and her cat were stuck there for three days in the dead of winter. With little else to do, Lindsay spent most of her time wandering the streets, taking photos and trying to avoid harassment by men. Eventually, her parents came and rescued her coincidentally on her fathers birthday. She abandoned the car and took the opportunity to start totally fresh in Des Moines. We like to think that releasing these songs is the end of that letting go, and were honored to have beneath the as part of our catalog.