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bonaventure - free lutangu (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // bonaventure
LABEL // purple tape pedigree (us)
CAT // ptp023ep


Described by Soraya Lutangu as having been born out of "a violent clash of sorrow and love", this EP explores themes of institutional racism and oppression -- something she's experienced first-hand growing up in Lausanne, Switzerland, of mixed African and European heritage. Listeners are confronted head-on by these issues with "Supremacy", acting as an ominous movie trailer narrated by samples of Sister Souljah's speech from Bill Moyer's PBS series Listening To America. Closing track "Fearlings" also sees Bonaventure collaborate with artist and writer Hannah Black. Included download card includes six remixes, featuring Y1640, Zir, Prison Religion, Endgame, Jackie, and Geng.